.Original Works. 

.An Evening of Jazz.

With the vibes of a classic New York City Jazz Club, three musicians develop a set of jazz repertoire many of us know and love.


For Brandon, hearing and singing jazz music takes him back to the good old days, where his grandaddy would pick him up in his nice maroon Cadillac after school and hand him a PayDay candy bar; with 95.5 WGCI (Chicago Jazz Channel) playing on the radio!

Brandon G. Stalling (Vocalist)

Vasa Vuckovic (Saxophone & Clarinet)

Laszlo Fehervari (Pianist)

.Apple of My Life.

Apple of My Life is an Original piece written by Brandon G. Stalling.


Performed by: Brandon G. Stalling & Jack Wenstrup (Guitar)

. Diversify My Face Scrub! .​

Diversify My Face Scrub!, is an original sketch written by Brandon G. Stalling.


Directed by: Brandon G. Stalling

Cinematography by: Jackson Ryde